Why we are Different

We cannot speak for other companies, but we feel it is our unique, highly entrepreneurial culture and commitment to excellence that truly differentiates us from our competitors. Our strict values have been the foundation of Titan Group since its inception and continue to guide our employees in their approach to client service. These values are summarised as follows:

Accountability: All our employees are afforded a high level of autonomy. We consider this encourages personal development and means every decision that that is made on behalf of the Company is personally accountable.

Competence: We aim to recruit, motivate and retain the very best talent within the industry. Our remuneration structure encourages progression and ensures we are always in the position to attract industry leaders displaying the highest levels of competence. 

Alignment of Interests: We are able to align our interests with those of our clients. This ensures that our clients’ interests are always safeguarded.

Corporate Structure:  We employ a flat management structure that encourages input from all levels within our company. This promotes the sharing of information and the ability to approach a task or service from a completely new angle. 

Investment in our People: We provide a comprehensive training programme at all levels. We consider this allows us to achieve the following key objectives: attracting the right people, engaging the right people, developing people and encouraging leadership with the highest possible standards.